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Girton GC - FootJoy pass the test with flying colours... (19/09/2017)

19th Sep 2017

What could you gain this winter at Girton GC- (12/09/2017)

12th Sep 2017

Just landed | Mizuno MP-18 family (05/09/2017)

5th Sep 2017

The week we have all been waiting for arrives... (05/09/2017)

5th Sep 2017

Last week of the Girton Pro Shop Sale... (29/08/2017)

29th Aug 2017

Join Ollie for 30 minutes of magic at Girton GC... (22/08/2017)

22nd Aug 2017

Turn three putts into two at Girton GC... (15/08/2017)

15th Aug 2017

Don't miss our PING Fitting Day! (11/08/2017)

11th Aug 2017

PING Fitting Day coming up at Girton GC... (08/08/2017)

8th Aug 2017

Summer Sale now on at Girton GC... (01/08/2017)

1th Aug 2017

Just landed | PING`s G400 range (28/07/2017)

28th Jul 2017

Don`t miss our Titleist Fitting Day! (22/07/2017)

22nd Jul 2017

The Open ***FLASH SALE*** (16/07/2017)

16th Jul 2017

You’ve certainly enjoyed this one… (14/07/2017)

14th Jul 2017

Out with the old- in with the new… (07/07/2017)

7th Jul 2017


1th Jul 2017

The wait is finally over… (30/06/2017)

30th Jun 2017

And The Winner Is...... (19/06/2017)

19th Jun 2017

Girton GC - Who have you drawn- (14/06/2017)

14th Jun 2017

You won`t believe what you`re seeing (13/06/2017)

13th Jun 2017

The Big Fitting Weekend **EXTENDED UNTIL WEDNESDAY**! (11/06/2017)

11th Jun 2017

Girton GC - The perfect location for all your Father`s Day needs... (07/06/2017)

7th Jun 2017

Last Few appointments for the Fitting Weekend (04/06/2017)

4th Jun 2017

Treat your Dad this Father`s Day- check out our offers.. (31/05/2017)

31st May 2017

A fantastic deal on Garmin for Father`s Day (30/05/2017)

30th May 2017

Don`t listen to us listen to your fellow golfers. (30/05/2017)

30th May 2017

We are tired of hearing the struggles... (27/05/2017)

27th May 2017

Start your journey today at Girton GC... (24/05/2017)

24th May 2017

How does this sound- (19/05/2017)

19th May 2017

Summer golf is here at Girton GC... Or is it- (16/05/2017)

16th May 2017

Don`t miss our Ultimate Fitting Weekend! (15/05/2017)

15th May 2017

The fantastic offers keep on coming at Girton GC... (10/05/2017)

10th May 2017

Time is running out at Girton GC... (03/05/2017)

3th May 2017

Don`t miss our Cobra Fitting Day! (30/04/2017)

30th Apr 2017

We`re providing you with everything that you`ll need (28/04/2017)

28th Apr 2017

Challenge yourself at Girton GC... (26/04/2017)

26th Apr 2017

You have until Sunday to get involved… (25/04/2017)

25th Apr 2017

Only hours remaining… (23/04/2017)

23rd Apr 2017

Girton GC - Who wants longer drives- (19/04/2017)

19th Apr 2017

Don`t miss our FootJoy Fitting Event! (15/04/2017)

15th Apr 2017

How confident are you- (14/04/2017)

14th Apr 2017

It’s time to consider something different at Girton GC... (12/04/2017)

12th Apr 2017

Don`t get left behind (07/04/2017)

7th Apr 2017

The start of the season is here at Girton GC... (05/04/2017)

5th Apr 2017

Have you signed up to Wedge it better- (01/04/2017)

1th Apr 2017

Get off on the right foot this season (31/03/2017)

31st Mar 2017

Sharpen your short game at Girton GC... (29/03/2017)

29th Mar 2017

How does £20 for your old golf bag sound- (28/03/2017)

28th Mar 2017

FREE WEDGEDUCATION Places filling fast - LAST 4 Days of Bag Trade In (27/03/2017)

27th Mar 2017


26th Mar 2017

Don`t miss our Masters Fitting Event... (25/03/2017)

25th Mar 2017

Don`t miss your chance to win at Girton GC... (22/03/2017)

22nd Mar 2017

Get something that no other golfer has… (19/03/2017)

19th Mar 2017

Are you in need of a little Wedgeducation- (15/03/2017)

15th Mar 2017

Wow. What a response! (14/03/2017)

14th Mar 2017

Don`t miss our Masters Fitting Event... (13/03/2017)

13th Mar 2017

Get Better At Girton For FREE! (11/03/2017)

11th Mar 2017

A partnership you`ll appreciate (10/03/2017)

10th Mar 2017

Hole more putts with the help of your Pro at Girton... (08/03/2017)

8th Mar 2017

Kick Start your Season with Dean - in more ways than one! (04/03/2017)

4th Mar 2017

There`s no better time… (03/03/2017)

3th Mar 2017

Look fresh on the fairways at Girton GC this summer... (01/03/2017)

1th Mar 2017

Your new options for 2017 (28/02/2017)

28th Feb 2017

Time to get a grip at Girton GC... (22/02/2017)

22nd Feb 2017

What do you have to lose- (17/02/2017)

17th Feb 2017

Perfect your putting at Girton GC... (15/02/2017)

15th Feb 2017

Don`t miss our Srixon Ball Fitting Day! (12/02/2017)

12th Feb 2017

Girton GC`s Epic day out... (08/02/2017)

8th Feb 2017

Fit Week Continues - limited spaces available whilst Ollie and Alan get fitted for their new woods (05/02/2017)

5th Feb 2017

It has finally arrived at Girton GC... (01/02/2017)

1th Feb 2017

Don`t miss our Mizuno Fitting Day! (27/01/2017)

27th Jan 2017

Girton GC - The perfect time to upgrade... (25/01/2017)

25th Jan 2017

Your chance to buy some new gear for the new year at Girton... (24/01/2017)

24th Jan 2017

Your chance to buy some new gear for the new year at Girton... (20/01/2017)

20th Jan 2017

Another big year ahead at Girton GC... (18/01/2017)

18th Jan 2017

What`s new for 2017 at Girton GC- (11/01/2017)

11th Jan 2017

Upgrade your gear for the new year at Girton... (04/01/2017)

4th Jan 2017

January SALE Starts NOW! (27/12/2016)

27th Dec 2016

A Merry Christmas from the Pro Shop (20/12/2016)

20th Dec 2016

Christmas opening hours from Girton pro shop... (14/12/2016)

14th Dec 2016

Dean and Ollie`s Cake- Coffee and Lesson Mornings (13/12/2016)

13th Dec 2016

Order deadline extended - please accept our apologies (12/12/2016)

12th Dec 2016

Just hours remaining… (11/12/2016)

11th Dec 2016

Girton GC - Stuck for present ideas- (07/12/2016)

7th Dec 2016

*REMINDER* Big Fit Week Begins Tomorrow! (04/12/2016)

4th Dec 2016

Girton GC - What will you choose- (30/11/2016)

30th Nov 2016

Get `Fit` for Christmas at Girton GC... (23/11/2016)

23rd Nov 2016

Dean wins Foremost Assistant Professional of the year 2016! (16/11/2016)

16th Nov 2016

An idea for you this Christmas (15/11/2016)

15th Nov 2016

The 10 yard challenge returns at Girton GC... (09/11/2016)

9th Nov 2016

Is there a better golfing stocking filler- (06/11/2016)

6th Nov 2016

Why not treat yourself- (02/11/2016)

2th Nov 2016

How we can help take your game to the next level (28/10/2016)

28th Oct 2016

A fantastic year for the Girton Pro Shop Team! (26/10/2016)

26th Oct 2016

A new release we couldn’t wait for... (21/10/2016)

21th Oct 2016

Do you want to hit more fairways AND hit it further- (21/10/2016)

21th Oct 2016

Winter is coming at Girton GC... (19/10/2016)

19th Oct 2016

Your feedback matters | Last chance to have your say (16/10/2016)

16th Oct 2016

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Fitting Launch Day! (14/10/2016)

14th Oct 2016

Girton GC - New products coming soon... (12/10/2016)

12th Oct 2016

Have you seen our brand-new logo shop- (07/10/2016)

7th Oct 2016

A little reminder from Alan at Girton GC... (05/10/2016)

5th Oct 2016

One loose shot is all it takes (30/09/2016)

30th Sep 2016

Come and say HI before Callaway say goodbye! (30/09/2016)

30th Sep 2016

Girton GC - The weekend we have all been waiting for... (28/09/2016)

28th Sep 2016

Don`t miss our Lynx Fitting Day! (26/09/2016)

26th Sep 2016

How to get the most from your golf membership (23/09/2016)

23rd Sep 2016

Girton GC - And your Club Champ for 2016 is... (21/09/2016)

21th Sep 2016

Don`t miss our Callaway Fitting Event! (19/09/2016)

19th Sep 2016

Customer Survey | Help us by having your say (18/09/2016)

18th Sep 2016


15th Sep 2016

Girton GC - What have you got to lose- (14/09/2016)

14th Sep 2016

Want to promote your business- Running a golf day- (09/09/2016)

9th Sep 2016

Girton GC - Ollie’s worried you don’t hit it far enough... (06/09/2016)

6th Sep 2016


5th Sep 2016

Summer Sale Ends Sunday 4th September... (01/09/2016)

1th Sep 2016

What`s coming up at Girton GC- (31/08/2016)

31st Aug 2016

Exclusive member offer | Your personal invitation to the Ryder Cup (23/08/2016)

23rd Aug 2016


22nd Aug 2016

Is it time to take a fresh approach- (17/08/2016)

17th Aug 2016

BODY - SWING Connection - Play with less pain and hit the ball further (16/08/2016)

16th Aug 2016

FREE Putting and Club Fitting Events - Sign UP today (11/08/2016)

11th Aug 2016

There is no `one size fits all` to golf at Girton... (10/08/2016)

10th Aug 2016

Don`t miss our PING Club Fitting Weekend! (08/08/2016)

8th Aug 2016

Your chance to grab a bargain in our Summer Sale! (04/08/2016)

4th Aug 2016

Even more success for Girton members... (03/08/2016)

3th Aug 2016

Girton GC - Who was the biggest loser- (27/07/2016)

27th Jul 2016

Coming soon to Girton... (20/07/2016)

20th Jul 2016


19th Jul 2016

Don`t miss our Callaway Fitting Day! (18/07/2016)

18th Jul 2016

Out with the old... (15/07/2016)

15th Jul 2016

The draw has been made at Girton... (13/07/2016)

13th Jul 2016

Fed up of missing putts and 3 putting- Make a change! (11/07/2016)

11th Jul 2016

Don`t miss our FootJoy Fitting Event! (07/07/2016)

7th Jul 2016

Enter our Open Sweepstake at Girton... (06/07/2016)

6th Jul 2016

Fed up of missing putts- Too Many 3 putts- Time to get fitted for a new putter! (04/07/2016)

4th Jul 2016

Pick up your Oakley eyewear in store for a free trial (01/07/2016)

1th Jul 2016

Biggest Loser Challenge (01/07/2016)

1th Jul 2016

Girton GC - What is your plan to reduce your handicap- (29/06/2016)

29th Jun 2016

WIN £250 by lowering your handicap (27/06/2016)

27th Jun 2016

Last chance to take advantage of free custom fitting and lesson (24/06/2016)

24th Jun 2016

Neal wins a signed Danny Willet Masters shirt at Girton... (22/06/2016)

22nd Jun 2016

Get your game sizzling this Summer with Advanced PGA Professional Alan Fletcher (21/06/2016)

21th Jun 2016

Get your game sizzling this Summer with Advanced PGA Professional Alan Fletcher (21/06/2016)

21th Jun 2016

A golfing reminder to give your feet a treat this weekend. (17/06/2016)

17th Jun 2016

Girton GC - Who have you drawn- (15/06/2016)

15th Jun 2016

Who have you drawn in the US Open Sweep stake (14/06/2016)

14th Jun 2016

New: Exclusive golf travel offers for my members (10/06/2016)

10th Jun 2016

A golfing reminder to give your feet a treat this weekend. (10/06/2016)

10th Jun 2016

Putting Girton GC on the map... (08/06/2016)

8th Jun 2016

YONEX FITTING DAY - This FRIDAY (07/06/2016)

7th Jun 2016

Girton GC - Do you carry too many clubs- (01/06/2016)

1th Jun 2016

The big week is upon us at Girton... (25/05/2016)

25th May 2016

TITLEIST FITTING DAY - Thursday 26th May (Last Few Spaces) (24/05/2016)

24th May 2016


23rd May 2016

THE BIG FIT - time to upgrade- improve and let it rip this Summer and GET A FREE LESSON (19/05/2016)

19th May 2016

Want to lower your scores at Girton- (18/05/2016)

18th May 2016

Looking to upgrade your game and clubs- This is the week for you! (17/05/2016)

17th May 2016

Optimise Your Driver with Alan- Ollie and Dean (16/05/2016)

16th May 2016

New Short Game and Putting Clinics Announced (12/05/2016)

12th May 2016

How to raise your standard... (10/05/2016)

10th May 2016

On Course Coaching - A Great opportunity in May and June (09/05/2016)

9th May 2016

How to enjoy a more comfortable round of golf (06/05/2016)

6th May 2016

Titleist Vokey and Scotty Cameron Fitting Days (05/05/2016)

5th May 2016

Girton GC - Why is custom fitting so important- (04/05/2016)

4th May 2016

It`s not worth the risk… (02/05/2016)

2th May 2016

Watch now: this season`s huge game-improvement package! (29/04/2016)

29th Apr 2016

Learn the secrets of the short game at Girton GC... (29/04/2016)

29th Apr 2016

Exciting coaching sessions- get involved! (21/04/2016)

21th Apr 2016

Girton GC - What are you going to gain- (20/04/2016)

20th Apr 2016

Buy one get one half price on Cleveland wedges | Sharpen your short game (19/04/2016)

19th Apr 2016

Stop wasting money on equipment - Buy bespoke or don`t buy at all! (18/04/2016)

18th Apr 2016

Receive your FREE £20 VOUCHER inside… (13/04/2016)

13th Apr 2016

Short Game and Putting Series... Hit it closer and hole it! (11/04/2016)

11th Apr 2016

Don`t miss our PING Club Fitting Weekend at Girton GC! (07/04/2016)

7th Apr 2016

Master`s Thought - Are you carrying to many clubs- (07/04/2016)

7th Apr 2016

Who have you picked out in The Masters Sweep- (06/04/2016)

6th Apr 2016

Special Coaching Offer for April! (AMMENDMENT) (05/04/2016)

5th Apr 2016

Special Coaching Offer for March! (04/04/2016)

4th Apr 2016

FREE £20 clothing voucher - NO APRIL FOOLS (01/04/2016)

1th Apr 2016

Seniors and Ladies Weekly Coffee and Club Mornings (31/03/2016)

31st Mar 2016

Girton GC - Last chance to book your slot! (30/03/2016)

30th Mar 2016

No Ladies Groups this week- 3 Pro`s Day slots left for Saturday! (29/03/2016)

29th Mar 2016

No Ladies Groups this week- 3 Pro`s Day slots left for Saturday! (29/03/2016)

29th Mar 2016


28th Mar 2016

Don`t miss our Srixon Ball Fitting Day! (24/03/2016)

24th Mar 2016

What`s happening at Girton Golf Club- (23/03/2016)

23rd Mar 2016

Last chance to bag yourself a great deal… (22/03/2016)

22nd Mar 2016

MASTERS SWEEPSTAKE - Can you pick a winner! (21/03/2016)

21th Mar 2016

What look will you go for this year- (18/03/2016)

18th Mar 2016

Srixon Ball Fitting Day - Thursday 31st March (17/03/2016)

17th Mar 2016

Who`s on top in the 10 Yard Challenge- (16/03/2016)

16th Mar 2016


14th Mar 2016

A fantastic chance to treat yourself right here (11/03/2016)

11th Mar 2016

The 10 Yard Leaderboard... Can you get to the top- (11/03/2016)

11th Mar 2016

What are you going to challenge- (09/03/2016)

9th Mar 2016

Ending soon- collect your FREE grip (08/03/2016)

8th Mar 2016

The Madness continues in March - Have you taken advantage (07/03/2016)

7th Mar 2016

Time to get thinking... (02/03/2016)

2th Mar 2016

New shoes- Step this way… (01/03/2016)

1th Mar 2016

Tee to Green custom fitting at Girton (01/03/2016)

1th Mar 2016

Spring Clean the garage- and make some money to Top up your account (29/02/2016)

29th Feb 2016

Get a Grip with Ollie this weekend.. FREE 7 Iron Re Grip WHILE U WAIT (26/02/2016)

26th Feb 2016

What a start… (24/02/2016)

24th Feb 2016

One for the Ladies ( Sorry Gents- Ladies first) (22/02/2016)

22nd Feb 2016

We’re giving away Golf Pride grips- collect yours in store (19/02/2016)

19th Feb 2016

Our new signing is here and wants to get fitting! (17/02/2016)

17th Feb 2016

And the Winner is.... (15/02/2016)

15th Feb 2016

Callaway X16 Launch and Fitting Event (12/02/2016)

12th Feb 2016

Tee to Green custom fitting at Girton (12/02/2016)

12th Feb 2016

Which quadrant works for you at Girton`s 8th… (10/02/2016)

10th Feb 2016

Ever wondered how I would play the first- (03/02/2016)

3th Feb 2016

Your chance to win! (02/02/2016)

2th Feb 2016

Thanks for your support! (27/01/2016)

27th Jan 2016

We can look after your EVERY golfing need - Are you taking advantage- (22/01/2016)

22nd Jan 2016

The cold has bitten- but we`ve made a signing! (20/01/2016)

20th Jan 2016

Wet is an understatement… (13/01/2016)

13th Jan 2016

Odyssey Fitting Weekend at Girton (12/01/2016)

12th Jan 2016

7 Days of Sale Left at Girton Golf Club (08/01/2016)

8th Jan 2016

2016 promises to be exciting… (06/01/2016)

6th Jan 2016

Putting perfection in 2016 (04/01/2016)

4th Jan 2016

Happy New Year from Girton Professional Staff (01/01/2016)

1th Jan 2016

January Sale starts early - Great Deals at Girton Pro Shop (28/12/2015)

28th Dec 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (22/12/2015)

22nd Dec 2015

2016 looks exciting for us! (16/12/2015)

16th Dec 2015

Don’t miss your chance to claim £50 cashback from Motocaddy (11/12/2015)

11th Dec 2015

What a difference! (10/12/2015)

10th Dec 2015

Only hours remaining to get your golf balls personalised (08/12/2015)

8th Dec 2015

Learn to play in a day (08/12/2015)

8th Dec 2015

We`re in to December! (03/12/2015)

3th Dec 2015

Ending soon! Free Titleist ball personalisation- don`t miss out… (01/12/2015)

1th Dec 2015

Learn to play in a day (30/11/2015)

30th Nov 2015

How to find exactly what you`re after this Christmas (27/11/2015)

27th Nov 2015

Give the Gift of Better Golf this Christmas (27/11/2015)

27th Nov 2015

Christmas is covered at Girton! (25/11/2015)

25th Nov 2015

Christmas is nearly here with Gemma`s Gift Ideas (24/11/2015)

24th Nov 2015

Tee it high and let it fly at Girton (20/11/2015)

20th Nov 2015

New Titleist launch offers complete long game fit (23/10/2015)

23rd Oct 2015

Pro`s day a send off for Ryan (20/10/2015)

20th Oct 2015

What a performance! (16/10/2015)

16th Oct 2015

Pro`s Day - Saturday- 24 October (12/10/2015)

12th Oct 2015

Three fantastic call-ups (07/10/2015)

7th Oct 2015

Our Great Big fitting opportunity right here… (25/09/2015)

25th Sep 2015

Craig conquers the Club Championships (16/09/2015)

16th Sep 2015

Girton`s Club Championships are just around the corner (09/09/2015)

9th Sep 2015

New ball model arrives in your pro shop... (04/09/2015)

4th Sep 2015

Winter programmes- product launches and trips to spain... (02/09/2015)

2th Sep 2015

Check out our new arrivals from Mizuno... (01/09/2015)

1th Sep 2015

Girton`s summer sale is coming to an end (26/08/2015)

26th Aug 2015

Cambridgeshire`s county teams in fantastic form (19/08/2015)

19th Aug 2015

Alan Fletcher students push on this summer (12/08/2015)

12th Aug 2015

Girton`s PING challenge (10/08/2015)

10th Aug 2015

Buy one wedge- get another half price... (07/08/2015)

7th Aug 2015

Girton`s Pro-Am approaches (05/08/2015)

5th Aug 2015

Why not get fitted for the new PING i or GMax irons- (04/08/2015)

4th Aug 2015

Yonex fitting day - Tomorrow (04/08/2015)

4th Aug 2015

Girton`s Summer Sale has started (03/08/2015)

3th Aug 2015

Fancy taking a Motocaddy for an 18-hole trial- (31/07/2015)

31st Jul 2015

I have a busy month at Girton (29/07/2015)

29th Jul 2015

Zach wins... And so does Harry! (22/07/2015)

22nd Jul 2015

Get into The Open spirit at Girton (14/07/2015)

14th Jul 2015

Smarten up your act- and be quick about it (14/07/2015)

14th Jul 2015

Are you taking a risk- (10/07/2015)

10th Jul 2015

Join Girton`s FREE clinics (08/07/2015)

8th Jul 2015

Girton heats up in July... (02/07/2015)

2th Jul 2015

FootJoy fitting day - Thursday- 23 July (29/06/2015)

29th Jun 2015

It’s true- we’ll give you £10 for one of these shockers… (26/06/2015)

26th Jun 2015

Spencer`s big day is fast approaching (24/06/2015)

24th Jun 2015

The Complete Equipment Solution ends soon- don`t miss out... (19/06/2015)

19th Jun 2015

Ryan takes `shot of the day` prize (18/06/2015)

18th Jun 2015

Take a pair of Oakleys for a trial (16/06/2015)

16th Jun 2015

Girton makes a TV appearance! (08/06/2015)

8th Jun 2015

Here`s why now is the perfect time for us to help your wedge game (05/06/2015)

5th Jun 2015

Girton GC are calling all ladies! (04/06/2015)

4th Jun 2015

Callaway experience day (01/06/2015)

1th Jun 2015

Want to trial a pair of Oakleys- (29/05/2015)

29th May 2015

Fantastic fitting news for Girton GC (28/05/2015)

28th May 2015

Ryan does Girton proud on tour (19/05/2015)

19th May 2015

We have a two-week treat for you (14/05/2015)

14th May 2015

Your chance to take on Girton`s Professionals (06/05/2015)

6th May 2015

Get involved in Girton`s Pro-Am this summer (30/04/2015)

30th Apr 2015

Girton coaching sessions to restart (21/04/2015)

21th Apr 2015

Masters week is here! (09/04/2015)

9th Apr 2015

This is no April Fools! (01/04/2015)

1th Apr 2015

Wilson Staff Fitting Day - Thursday- 9 April (30/03/2015)

30th Mar 2015

Learn to play in just a day! (26/03/2015)

26th Mar 2015

Looking good! Spring/Summer collections arriving in store (20/03/2015)

20th Mar 2015

The French Connection... (20/03/2015)

20th Mar 2015

Do you know your swing DNA- Let`s take a look... (17/03/2015)

17th Mar 2015

How to get one FREE dozen Titleist Pro V1 golf balls (13/03/2015)

13th Mar 2015

Spring is here! (12/03/2015)

12th Mar 2015

Are you looking for distance gains to make this game easier- (10/03/2015)

10th Mar 2015

New shoes- Step this way... (06/03/2015)

6th Mar 2015

Ladies Demo Day - Friday- 20 March (06/03/2015)

6th Mar 2015

Pro Challenge for 2015 is Back (04/03/2015)

4th Mar 2015

How does money for your old golf bag sound- (03/03/2015)

3th Mar 2015

We want to help you to find the right ball for your game... (27/02/2015)

27th Feb 2015

March madness at Girton! (25/02/2015)

25th Feb 2015

Ladies Golf Exhibition - 5th March (23/02/2015)

23rd Feb 2015

Exclusive: Callaway`s Alan Hocknell speaks to Foremost TV (20/02/2015)

20th Feb 2015

Come and meet Dean - Your new Professional (19/02/2015)

19th Feb 2015

We`re giving away new grips- find out why... (16/02/2015)

16th Feb 2015

Girton`s pro`s answer the big questions! (11/02/2015)

11th Feb 2015

Brand new PING range arrives and G30 line-up strengthened (06/02/2015)

6th Feb 2015

Is your short game up to scratch- (03/02/2015)

3th Feb 2015

Watch how the new Pro V1 will deliver even more short game control (02/02/2015)

2th Feb 2015

Do you want to improve your putting- (30/01/2015)

30th Jan 2015

I have signed with Callaway as a Staff Player (27/01/2015)

27th Jan 2015

Golf Fit - Clubs and body! (20/01/2015)

20th Jan 2015

Make sure you are prepared for the 2015 season (14/01/2015)

14th Jan 2015

Find out about our Fitting Days in January (13/01/2015)

13th Jan 2015

Happy New Year! (06/01/2015)

6th Jan 2015

January Sale Starting (30/12/2014)

30th Dec 2014

Last minute gift ideas for Christmas (22/12/2014)

22nd Dec 2014

Only a week to go for your last minute pre sents… (18/12/2014)

18th Dec 2014

Make sure you book a Christmas Lesson Package this winter (09/12/2014)

9th Dec 2014

Just hours remain for you to personalise your Titleist golf balls for FREE (05/12/2014)

5th Dec 2014

FREE delivery when you do your Christmas shopping with our Click and Collect (03/12/2014)

3th Dec 2014

Arrange a fitting this winter (02/12/2014)

2th Dec 2014

ACT NOW! If you don`t want to miss out on our FREE Titleist ball personalisation offer (28/11/2014)

28th Nov 2014

Give the Gift of better Golf this Christmas (25/11/2014)

25th Nov 2014

Christmas ideas for you in the shop! (20/11/2014)

20th Nov 2014

I did it! (13/11/2014)

13th Nov 2014

FREE ball personalisation on Titleist balls this Christmas (11/11/2014)

11th Nov 2014

Keep playing in November (05/11/2014)

5th Nov 2014

Save money this November in the Pro Shop (31/10/2014)

31st Oct 2014

Welcome back summer! (29/10/2014)

29th Oct 2014

We`ve teamed up with Titleist for something you won`t want to miss... (28/10/2014)

28th Oct 2014

Save money this November in the Pro Shop (23/10/2014)

23rd Oct 2014

Look what`s just landed in store... (21/10/2014)

21th Oct 2014

Girton golf club moving forward! (16/10/2014)

16th Oct 2014

Keep golfing this winter! (14/10/2014)

14th Oct 2014

Get your clubs regripped this winter (08/10/2014)

8th Oct 2014

Winter Off Peak Lessons Available! (01/10/2014)

1th Oct 2014

Last chance to help us with our Annual Customer Survey (26/09/2014)

26th Sep 2014

And so it begins... (24/09/2014)

24th Sep 2014

New Clothing in store now (17/09/2014)

17th Sep 2014

We need your help - take our Annual Customer Survey today! (16/09/2014)

16th Sep 2014

England trials for Ella Mason and Ollie Rust (11/09/2014)

11th Sep 2014

Ryder Cup Weekend Fitting Sessions (09/09/2014)

9th Sep 2014

Annual Customer Survey - Help us improve our service (08/09/2014)

8th Sep 2014

New stock arriving in store this week (27/08/2014)

27th Aug 2014

Sucess for Girton in Burridge Cup (21/08/2014)

21th Aug 2014

New coaching website launched (14/08/2014)

14th Aug 2014

Introducing our fantastic Click and Collect service (07/08/2014)

7th Aug 2014

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