Adrian Moore - Alan. Just to thank you for your advice on purchase of new Callaway Great Big Bertha. I have played with it 3 times and am delighted with the performance. I get between 10 and 20 yards additional distance with no loss of consistency. It has been widely admired by my playing colleagues!. Seriously though - great advice and thanks for your time with the fitting. Best wishes. Adrian

Jan Impey - "Thanks Alan ....A GREAT lesson...after today I feel back on track . .No negative thoughts for me this week. Work on my left hand and pull through .not forgetting the knee. .i hope to be a little better by next Thursday . I would just love to play to my Handicap and with two lessons left I think I am going to do it .well I hope so .....perhaps I will need a few more.

Meston Christie - "I got everything I wanted from the lesson. I have just played 18 holes and when I got everything correct I hit the ball with a much higher flight and also a lot straighter. Many thanks

Mark Souter - Brilliant made my day chipping much better now and have more confidence when playing shots thank you

Jane McGuffog - Great to get out on the course with Alan and see the benefits of the winter sessions starting to come through.
Also quite unexpected course management pointers about strategy, shot and club selection that make great sense! Many thanks.

Paul Howard - "Alan, Thanks for the lesson today. A lot of things are coming together. They all do not all click yet, but the pieces work better individually. I am still very happy with the progress. I will keep thinking about strategy as I play.
Thanks, again.

Mark Grant - "As a new member to Girton, I had my first lesson with Alan today. The coaching definitely helped me a lot so I'm very pleased.
I have a few errors in my game which is stopping me being as consistent as I want. I can't work out what they are but I'm confident now that more lessons will do the trick."

Steven Poole - I have found Alan's coaching to be of the highest standard; he will listen to the issues you may be having and will carefully direct his instruction to help in these areas. He is good at finding an alternative solution if initial guidance is unsuccessful. The new swing studio at Girton is an excellent facility; I found the video analysis that this gave to be extremely helpful to understanding my problems and - hopefully - helping me to correct them.

Nick Johnson - "The lesson was really good. I've learnt a lot and will put all pointers in to practice,
Great system and very interesting watching the video footage. Overall really really pleased, Many thanks"

Shaun Downey - Excellent session from Alan. My initial problem with grip was easily overcome buy concentrating more on how my swing was wrong. A few simple and quick instructions were enough to set me right. Thanks Alan

Debbie Gale - Excellent facility, really like the instant feed back after each tweak! Video play back brings a new dimension to the lesson. Will be booking more. Thanks for the lesson Alan.

If you would be interested in booking a lesson with me, don't hesitate to get in touch by clicking here.